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Бан за пиратсво.... невозможен?

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Один из хакерских порталов описал, как избежать бана в PSN:



For the official statement from Sony on the wave of bank ( read here ), many hackers have therefore started hunting to find a method to bypass this ban. Several leads were followed, even that of a complete replacement of the NHP, as on Xbox 360, via the XLink, but the cheats and others would be too great. Then the very famous SKFU discovers a way not to be banned from the PSN, or even be unban!


Through Charles, there is a SQL authentication file that contains your username, your password and ID on your PS3.


Here is what it looks like this file:


type = 0 &

ServiceId = IV0001-xxxxxxxxx_00 &

loginid xxxxxxxxxxxx =% 40yahoo.com &

password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx &

first = true &

consoleid 0000000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx00000000 = 000000000000000000000000


Note: replace x User Info


Apparently so, Sony would ban the ID of the console, but if you use Charles and you have replaced your console ID, and your PS3 did not send your username to the real servers from Sony, the ban will be simply impossible .


Вкратце о главном:

Программой Charles можно поймать пакет аутентификации который содержит реальные username, password и ID вашей PS3. Поменяв значение ID и изменив сервер, информация пойдет в некуда и следовательно бан просто невозможен.


З.Ы. Чтож. Имхо счет 2-0 в пользу пиратов. Посмотрим, что предпримет Sony.

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