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Is Cartoon Network is one of your favorite TV channel? If it’s a yes, you must enjoy lots of exciting adventures with a famous The Powerpuff Girls show. Now you will also have chances to participate with these powerful girls and join in more interesting journeys in The Powerpuff Girls game series. Who said girls could not defeat some giant monsters? Prove them that girls can do it all now. Let’s check out these fantastic games and have fun with these three adorable strongest girls.
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1, Paint the Townsville Green
Save the town and bring its peace back.
Paint the Townsville Green is a fantastic action side-scrolling game of The Powerpuff Girls game series. This game is developed basing on the favorite TV show in the same title. This game has numerous fun features which provide lots of entertaining time for you to play. In the game, you will get chances to take control over the Buttercup game character. Your town is in danger now. Your final mission is to save it and bring the peace back to the city. Do you think you can defeat those evil villains and save the town?
2, Battle Him
It’s up to you now to rescue the citizen.
Battle Him is another fantastic episode of this excellent The Powerpuff Girls series. You will join in the fabulous side-scrolling action gameplay and take a role as Bubbles. This time, the lovely little Bubbles is having fun with coloring then suddenly she received a hot call from the Powerpuff. Him is the name of a greedy demon. He has cursed the whole town with his evil spell. All of the citizens are helpless and cannot move. It’s up to you now to rescue them. Participate in this exciting episode and help the girls to defeat this evil demon. Jump in the battle and fight against Him. Can you defeat Him?
3, Unordinary Week
Boost up your reaction skills to achieve the victory.
Unordinary Week is an excellent episode of this game series. You will spend times to join in an entertaining skill-based game with the adorable Powerpuff Girls characters. It’s time to show off your great skills and boost up your reaction abilities to achieve the victory. This time in the Unordinary Week, you can select your own beloved game character to take in the battlefields. The game has updated with more wonderful features as well as stunning graphics that will get you lots of incredible time to play. Make the most out of your skills and give the Powerpuff Girls a hand to take down the enemies. 
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